Thursday, September 13, 2012


Does anyone else here really love Ben Stein?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Finally!  Something Lorne Michaels and I have in common - neither one of us can find anything funny about President Obama.  Him because of hero worship, me because of a firm grasp on reality.  But hey, let's celebrate that common cause, right?

If even VP Joe Biden knows he's no foreign policy wonk, do you think someday the media might figure it out?

Is there a betting pool up yet on when and where Kristen Powers is going to cross the aisle à la Artur Davis? 

Here's my favorite screen capture of the day.  I was doing some research and saw these two articles listed in the order shown on the Baltimore Sun's website, one from Sept. 7th and the second from Sept. 5th:

Nope, no media bias there!

There's no media bias here, either.

If breaking the law - the Hatch Act, to be exact - isn't enough to force the resignation of an administration official, what exactly is?  HHS's comment that the trip was "reclassified" and money was reimbursed is rather like a bank robber saying he filled out a withdrawal slip and then gave back the money anyway and so shouldn't be prosecuted.

And finally...let me get this straight...criticizing a sitting president's foreign policy after a senseless act of violence is good when Obama is the candidate, but bad when he is the president.