Monday, February 22, 2010


In a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it story today, Politico is reporting that ACORN is closing down across the country.

Don't pop the champagne just yet, though because, much like most Progressive ideas, this just won't die easily. 

ACORN, in it's hydra-like way, is merely splintering into local groups, all with different names.  You know those Progressives - when the message doesn't sell, just change the name and try again!

"Consistent with what the internal recommendations have been, each of the states are developing plans for reconstitution independence and self-sufficiency," said the official, citing ACORN's "diminished resources, damage to the brand, unprecedented attacks."
The new organizations, he said "will be constituted under new banners and new bylaws and new governance," he said, consistent with the recommendations of an outside panel.

Sounds like they learned their lesson and are revamping their organization, right?  Eh, not so much (emphasis mine):

A person familiar with the New York reorganization said the new group has a new board, including some relative outsiders, like an official at the union Workers United, Wilfredo Larancuent, as well as most of the old leadership.

What it really boils down to is that they were having a hard time getting funded as a national organization because of all of the attention they have gotten for their shady election work and the questionable practices highlighted in those undercover tapes.  So, in typical progressive fashion, they will instead splinter into smaller groups that are only statewide, so they can then access state funding under their new names.

It's all about the dollars, baby.

But fear not:

"As far as the work in the communities and policy campaigns, no one will notice the difference," the source said.

Whew.  What a relief to know that this will not stop ACORN from it's basic mission.  Rest assured, too, that National ACORN is not yet dead, either - as a matter of fact, it seems the chapters that are peeling off (at least, so far) are the ones in states involved in those infamous videos, namely New York and California.

Go figure.

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