Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, there is now officially a new standard on crazy, and it was set by a highly respected, prize-winning progressive.  Nobel laureate (in economics) and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman came out with quite a suggestion this week on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" dealing with the economy and what might help us climb out of the economic death spiral we find ourselves in.  It was quite an eye opener, to say the least.  But first, a little background.

Think back, for a moment, to the heady days of President Obama's first few months in office.  We were all told he was the second coming of JFK Lincoln Reagan FDR, remember?  Well, Mr. O really took that to heart, and spent the next two years (and more than three trillion dollars) New New Deal-ing the hell out of us.  The problem is, as expansive, well planned and far-reaching as it was ("fiscal conservative" FDR  doubled federal spending - and tripled taxes) the original New Deal didn't work.  Unfortunately, Obama and Pelosi had neither the vision, planning, nor common sense of FDR and his advisors.  Where FDR brought us the Golden Gate Bridge and over three hundred new firehouses, BHO has given us guard rails to nowhere and turtle tunnels.

Needless to say, the New New Deal was a big, big failure. 

So if the New Deal spending didn't get us out of the Great Depression, what did, and how can we use that to help us out of the Great Recession, Krugman pondered?  Well, a major factor was, of course, World War II.   Even before we became active participants, we had geared up the war machine to produce arms and armament to sell to our  allies.  This increased productivity did more to drag us towards prosperity than all of the top down engineering of the previous decade.

It is obvious Mr. Krugman is a student of history as well as economics.  As such, he has seen the path to liquidity, and it goes right through the Dept. of Defense.  Yes, that's right, Krugman is calling for a war to get us out of the fix we're in.  But not just any war - after all, we've already been at war for most of the past decade, and in two different theaters to boot.  Since Obama took office, he has even expanded our military presence (albeit under the cover of NATO, which is 'multinational' - only 70% american funding) and gone hog wild with drone strikes here, there and everywhere.

These wars aren't enough for our intrepid Mr. Krugman, though.  No silly terrestrial-based conflict can possibly lift us from the morass in which we find ourselves.  Under Obama's Keynesian economy, the ditch has become the Grand Canyon and the car of state has become an enormous, bloated Ford Pinto that's ready to blow.  Seeing as how the problem is so big, Krugman started thinking big.  Like, extra-terrestrial big.  Like, crazy big.

Okay, okay, just crazy.

Nobel laureate Krugman was advocating for a ginned-up alien invasion to pull us out of the slump. Yes, that's right, alien invasion.  Apparently he thinks it would be great for our govenrment to lie to us and terrify us in order to get the economy moving (on nothing more than smoke and mirrors yet again).    Doing what - making fake laser guns and tricorders - hey, how about light sabers, too?  Maybe re-activating and retrofitting the space shuttles with gun turrets?  And once the economy is booming again, what then?  A Friday night document dump and a DoD mea culpa a week later?  "Sorry, did we say alien invasion?  No, we meant to say saline invention - we've figured out how to make safe drinking water from human tears!  So, how 'bout that economy, huh?  Hey - is that Michele Bachmann eating a corn dog?!"

Is this where we find ourselves with the left nowadays?  These are their big ideas, from their award-winning (and thus respect-demanding) shining lights in the firmament of liberal intelligentsia?  Entitlement reform is irrational.  Cutting spending is inhumane.  Capping spending to GDP is irresponsible.  A balanced budget amendment is impossible.

But military mobilization against imaginary space invaders?    We have a winner!

It's really starting to seem like they hand out those Nobel prizes to just about anyone anymore, doesn't it? 

UPDATE: Good gracious, the madness is spreading.

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