Tuesday, January 10, 2012


In yet another glaringly obvious case of projection, our esteemed President said a mouthful while attacking the republican agenda at yet another fundraiser last night (via the Weekly Standard):

"The very core of what this country stands for is on the line"

Now, of course he was referring to the eeeeevil republican candidates destroying America as we know it.  In reality, what he is trying to do is about as far from the core of what this country stands for as possible.  Isn't that, in fact, what his claims to "fundamentally change" America were all about?  Ostensibly, his point was that republicans won't make you your neighbor's keeper, but when was that ever the core of what this country stands for?  It doesn't really jibe with our signature rugged individualism, but then, we all know how he feels about that little foible.

Projection is a favorite of the Obama Administration, as is what I like to call "Reversism".  Reversism involves making claims of doing one thing and doing the exact opposite instead.  The past three years have been rife with glaringly obvious cases of projection and reversism that were almost insulting in their blatant ridiculousness.

Take their constant calls that republicans want to shut down the federal government.  In reality, the only people talking shutdown have been democrats.  These are also the people whose vows of transparency boiled down to secret meetings and this little gem.  But it's the republicans who are deceptive, right?

My favorites are the claims of a do-nothing Congress.  This line of projection just kills me.  Let's see, the Campaigner-in-Chief/First Golfer can't be bothered to acknowledge the very serious issues plaguing the nation or work with Congress for the good of the country (it would mess up his narrative and lets face it, reelection is far more important than the economy) and his democrat-controlled Senate refuses to bring even one of the twenty-five economic and job related bills the House has passed to the floor.  Oh, and the House has passed several budgets in the past year of republican control, but the democrat-led Senate hasn't passed one in more than a thousand days - and probably won't until 2013.  Even when they had a democrat-led House (who refused to create a budget so they couldn't be held accountable for their out of control spending) and a super majority.  But it's the eeeevil republicans who have gridlocked Congress.

From denouncements of Bush's "imperial presidency" as a candidate and then performing end runs around Congress at a breathtaking (and unconstitutional) level  as president to whining about a need for civility while simultaneously keeping mum as his surrogates accuse his opponents of everything from throwing grandma off a cliff to wanting poor children to starve, this administration is the unrivaled champion of projection. 

As for Reversism, the perfect example is Nancy Pelosi's acceptance speech when she took the Speakership in 2007:

"After years of historic deficits, this new Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: pay as you go, no new deficit spending. Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt"

Just take a moment to let that sink in....

Their vows of transparency translated into changed locks and secret negotiations on Capitol Hill.  Even their receipt of an award for transparency was received behind closed doors with no press present.  Probably didn't want any pesky questions like, 'How is it transparent to send staff to meet lobbyists at Caribou Coffee to get around visitor logs?' and 'In what way was it transparent to argue that misleading the American public in regards to Freedom of Information Act requests was perfectly legit?'.

What is interesting is the effect these deceptive projection tactics are having.  In a recent poll, the thing Americans feared most - by a two-to-one margin - was President Obama's reelection.  For the record, the second thing they feared was their taxes going up.  Which explains number one quite nicely.  The projector just doesn't seem to be working as well as the administration would hope and the problem with reversism is that eventually people start comparing words and deeds.  After three years of saying one thing and doing the opposite, it seems the only people buying what Obama and the DNC are selling are those who happily live in the echo chamber already. 

The thing to remember about projection and reversism is that they are meant to deceive and distract.  They are the smoke and mirrors by which the rest of us are kept in the dark - pure propaganda.  Common sense would dictate that any administration that spends such in inordinate amount of time and energy on such devices is an administration up to no good.  Guess we'll find out in November just how many voters possess that oh so important virtue and vote accordingly. 

UPDATE:  Another ham handed attempt at reversism to further prove my theory.  Good gravy, does he really think anyone is buying this?

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