Monday, April 9, 2012


The Department of Justice has been busily blocking various and sundry state voter ID laws recently, arguing that requiring people to show a state-approved photo ID in order to cast a vote will disenfranchise many voters - particularly in urban areas, where many citizens don't drive.  The NAACP have gone so far as to argue before the UN that voter ID laws are human rights violations, even though many poor and minority voters seem to want their votes protected by ID requirements.  DoJ chief Eric Holder maintains that voter ID laws suppress voter turnout.  Eh, not so much.

Never mentioned in these arguments, of course, are the many, many other things Americans do that require state-issued photo ID.  Silly things, like, say...entering federal buildings like the DoJ.  Also not mentioned is the increased chance that some bozo might come in and steal someone else's vote.  Holder has pooh-poohed that argument, saying that the chance of voter fraud is minimal.

Turns out, he was juuuuuust a bit wrong on that:

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