Saturday, December 19, 2009


My idiot congressman, Alan Grayson, is making an ass of himself yet again (via HotAir).

This time, however, instead of just being an insufferable ass, he is actually trying to get a private citizen fined and put in jail.  What is the offense, you ask?  The creation and support of one of my favorite websites, My congressman is

Yes, Grayson has demanded the DOJ investigate, fine and imprison Angie Langley of Clermont, FL.

He is accusing her of lying to federal elections by saying she is a constituent of his, when Clermont is not in his district.  He seems to be claiming that she has started a political action committee (he calls it her 'committee' in his letter to AG Eric Holder) against him and should not be allowed to because she isn't really a constituent of his.

BTW, how rich is it that he is accusing Ms. Langley of being "utterly tasteless and juvenile"?  Pot, meet kettle.

As a political blogger, this concerns me greatly.  If the DOJ decides to honor Grayson's demand, it sets up a rather frightening precedent.  I am not a constituent of Nancy Pelosi's but I criticize her frequently - does that mean she will be able to put me in jail for it?  Or am I safe because my forum is the Ripley Report, not Queen Nancy is Insane or Pelosi is Power Drunk?

Many people will scoff at this, saying Holder wouldn't waste his time with something like this.  But let's remember that Holder is the man who has thrown out convictions against New Black Panther Party members, ordered the refunding of ACORN and is planning a three ring circus in NYC with the unnecessary, inappropriate civil trial of mass murdering terrorists who were captured on the battlefield.  His idea of 'justice' is horribly skewed, so don't be surprised if he finds merit in Grayson's claims. 

The fact that one of our elected officials is actively trying to imprison a private citizen for speaking out against him should not be forgotten.  The power grab of the democrats in this administration is reaching truly alarming proportions.

It seems 'Teacups' Grayson has morphed into the Queen of Hearts, shouting 'Off with her head' at the least transgression.

In my opinion, he is more like the Mad Hatter, and I personally can't wait to cast my vote next year and get his looney toons butt out of Congress. 

And Mr. Grayson, if you want to come after me for using my right to free speech, bring it on.

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