Monday, December 7, 2009


Today Harry Reid addressed the Senate in a bid to browbeat Republican  members into supporting ObamaCare.  After all, he can't seem to rustle up the votes amongst his own party - I guess there aren't as many dems willing to commit career suicide for HarryCari as he thought - so he has to try to 'woo' republicans.  So how did he conduct his wooing?  Did he offer to include some republican amendments?  Did he offer them a seat at the negotiating table?  Did he talk about the positive points of the bill?  (Of course not - there are none - that was a trick question!)

No, Dingy Harry decided to compare Republicans, on whom he blames the inability to pass legislation (Super majority? What super majority?), to the horrible naysayers who opposed abolishing slavery, giving women the vote, and Civil Rights.

Hey Harry - those were all democrats, you idiot.  Just like it is democrats who are holding up the current legislation, ironically enough.  But he wasn't chastising his fellow liberals, he was dressing down the GOP.

This is what happens when you allow liberals to revise history.  Just to give you a clue Harry - which you so desperately need - I will set the record straight for you.

First and foremost, the Republican party was created to abolish slavery.   That was the sole plank in the original and primary party's platform.  Democrats, however, were so desperate to keep slavery that they declared war for it.  Maybe you're not familiar with it, Harry.  It's called the Civil War.  Oh, and the Republicans won, slavery was abolished, to which the democrats responded by promptly started the KKK to keep the black community 'in line'.

Second, in 1872 the Republican National Committee officially added women's suffrage to their platform - the first national political party to do so.  The first presidential candidate to run on women's suffrage was Republican Theordore Roosevelt.  Women's suffrage giant Susan B. Anthony famously said, "I voted for the Republicans.  They gave us the vote."

Which finally brings us the the Civil Rights movement.  Wasn't it Democrat Strom Thurmond who tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957?  Heck, still-sitting Senator Rober Byrd was a former KKK member who personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 hours.

So, Harry, always double check before you whitewash history - sometimes you end up tarring yourself with that brush instead.

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