Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's hard to recall a more pretentious, rude, imperialistic person in the office of President of the United States of America.  In fact, it's tempting to say there has never been such a rude, pretentious, imperialistic, petty. self-serving president ever in the history of this great country.

His inexcusably rude snubbing of one of our closest allies, Israel's Benajamin Netanyahu, puts him and his administration at a new low - and that's really saying something.  His actions were more akin to an arrogant, petulant boy playing at President than a thoughtful, pragmatic statesman.

With one fell swoop, Obama has encouraged the arab world - Iran and Palestine in particular - to rachet up their rhetoric and weapons programs.  No doubt Hamas is busily rearming with the $900 million in American taxpayer funds Obama so generously gave them last year to "rebuild" after the 2008 conflict against Israel. 

The Palestinians have quite a racket going, now that the democrats are in charge.  They start missile strikes without provocation, hide behind women and children, and then sit back and let our press paint them as victims and our government give them money so they can start all over again.  In the meantime, our ally, Israel, is attacked and berated by our press and the democrat party in general.  This turn of events is extremely dangerous for the Israeli people, because the arab world will find encouragement in any appearance of strain in U.S.-Israeli ties.  Palestine instigates rocket attacks at the drop of a hat even with U.S. protection - if they think that protection is gone, Israel could be in real peril.

If anyone is surprised by Obama's despicable behavior towards Netanyahu, they just haven't been paying attention.  Rev. Wright, who has been popping up in the press again lately (book coming out), is a raging anti-semite, who counts among his dearest friends none other than Louis Farrakhan - the man puts the 'big' in bigotry.  The democrat party in general has, in recent years, been racheting up their demonization of Israel and has been siding with Palestine while their lapdog press yip and yap in agreement.

All of this posturing from our president has a huge impact on the world stage.  For those who argue that he is naive and doesn't realize the impact such incidents have, I would argue that this man is nothing if not aware of his own stature in the world.  In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that he has an over-inflated sense of self when it comes to the world stage - the proof of that is in his 2008 summer victory lap through Europe and his constant references to his supposedly world altering Cairo speech. 

No, he knew exactly what he was doing.  It's the Chicago way - if an underling (and let's face it, as far as he's concerned, everyone is an underling) doesn't toe the line, sometimes you have to put them in their place.  That is what that whole episode was about - Netanyahu had forgotten his place.  How dare he ignore a presidential command?   Obama said NO BUILDING.  You will comply.

Obama is the man who started off his term of office by stating that he the U.S. should listen, not dictate to other nations.  Israel is apparently the exception to that rule, because he has had no problem issuing diktat after diktat to the Israelis. 

As Netanyahu said in his remarks last week, "Jerusalem isn't a settlement, it is our capital".  They are not only a recognized state unto themselves, but they are also supposed to be our closest allies. That would be like the U.N. tellling us not to build in Alaska because the Russians think they still have a claim to it.

To quote another public figure, Mike Huckabee, in an interview with Sean Hannity said, "They're building bedrooms in Israel.  They're building bombs in Iran.  It's time to pay attention to the bombs, not the bedrooms"

Unfortunately, Mr. Huckabee, in the Age of Obama, Ahmadinejad is treated with respect and deference, and Netanyahu is insulted, embarrassed and undermined.   All we can do is pray for the safety of the people of Israel and add this latest outrage to the long, long list of reasons to make sure the Age of Obama ends in 2012.

UPDATE:  It seems there are still a few rational thinkers in congress.  327 House members sent Obama a letter condemning his childish behavior towards Israel.  This doesn't mean that he will change his stance, but at least this sends a message to Israel and the international community that Obama's behavior is not backed by the rest of the country.

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