Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey, guess what?  The Campaigner-in-Chief is on the campaign trail again for ObamaCare.

What a surprise.

As usual, his "town hall" is by invitation only.  I wonder if the union member audience is getting paid to sit and listen to him, and do they get a bonus for bringing their pre-printed, SEIU/OFA approved 'handmade' signs, or is this one on the house? 

I'd report it if he had something new to say, but, of course, it's the same old talking points.  Evil Republican obstructionists, status quo, time to decide, simple up or down vote, blah, blah, blah.  I'm surprised he still needs a teleprompter - I could give his speech off the top of my head.

The reports on yea or nay votes has been varied and confusing, but I think it's safe to say they just don't have the votes yet.  After all, if they did, you know Pelosi would call for a vote immediately, no matter the time or day, just in case someone came to their senses.  This is a very fluid situation, however, and you just never know who is going to flip.

Pelosi has even, according to Rep. Massa (D-NY), resorted to making up scandals in order to toss out 'no' votes and bring herself closer to the magic number.  That whole mess is a head scratcher all the way around - it's just generally unsavory and the morals and ethics of all parties involved are questionable, at best - but the point is that, whether artificially engineered or not, it does bring her one vote closer to victory.

Whether the bill passes or not, I, for one, will be permanently scarred by the imagery of Rahm Emanuel viciously dressing down Massa with 'Little Rammy' swinging in the breeze.  Ugh.  It all just makes me wish even more for an end to this "debate".  Could it possibly sink any lower than it already has?

We have nine days to kill this thing for good, provided Obama actually sticks to his deadline of March 18th (I'm not holding my breath on that).  Well, hopefully it can be killed - this thing has more lives than a cat.  Actually, that is doing a disservice to cats.  This thing is like Ryan Reynolds' character "Deadpool" at the end of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.  Just when you think you've killed it and the end credits are rolling, suddenly its laserbeam eyes open and its headless body rises again.  And, much like the movie version of Deadpool, this legislation is sure to disappoint.

I'm not surprised that some democrats might be changing their vote - even I sometimes wish they would throw in the towel if it would make this nightmare end.  Luckily, horrific visions of life under the legislation snap me out of it right quick.

Enough already, people - aren't there more pressing items that need attention?

UPDATE:  Here's a fun game for you (via  I got ten right - how did you do?

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