Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have been watching the Arizona immigration situation with a great deal of amusement.  The histrionics on the left have been both amusing and appalling.  Their hypocrisy is showing on federal, state and local levels. 

First there is the blatant misrepresentation of the legislation.  The left are insisting that this is going to bring on gestapo-style police tactics - guilty of "breathing while undocumented".  The author of that little gem is beside herself in righteous indignation, but, as is usually the case with the left, she has her facts wrong and is quoting the wrong bill.  This is really par for the course these days - it doesn't matter if the information is correct, as long as it furthers the narrative.

Long story short, the  bill is quite specific about police needing just cause to ask for identification.  Will there be a few rogue cops who might abuse the new law?  Possibly.  But didn't that happen prior to passage of the bill?  We've all heard stories about inappropriate profiling in the past.  The problem is that, as usual, the accusations are flowing fast and furious and with a very broad brush.  Every law has the potential to be abused.  By the opposition's logic, no new laws should be passed for fear someone will pervert the meaning or step outside the boundaries.  One could also infer that the left sees all police as racists who are just itching to lock up as many people as possible, illegal or not.  Quite frankly, it's appalling that our own president is forwarding that narrative.  But then, it's not like this is the first time he's insinuated that the police are racist and out of control.

The gestapo accusations are quite funny, with their attempted corrolation to having to "show your papers" like in 1930's Germany. Even Obama has played that card with his story about someone being harassed because they forgot their "papers" when they were just taking their kid for an ice cream. I have friends who have emigrated to this country legally, and part of the process is carrying your green card with you at all times.  It's a federal law.   The Arizona law is merely reinforcing the federal law.  You know, the one the feds refuse to enforce, even though Americans are being victimized by illegals in our border towns and sanctuary cities on a nearly daily basis.

The point of the Arizona law was to enable the state enforcement agencies to do what the federal government is supposed to be doing.  If the feds were doing their jobs, this law would never have passed.

The law is overwhelmingly popular in Arizona, because the legal residents of the state are desperate for action on a situation that has been out of control for decades but has recently reached a fever pitch.  The Governor of the state has seen her approvals ratchet up by 16 points since she signed the bill into law.  Sen. John McCain, however, has seen his numbers drop, due to his blatantly political pivot from decades of being an amnesty seeker to suddenly becoming a hard-line immigration enforcer.  The electorate is not buying it, Maverick.

The President of Mexico has come out and ordered a boycott of Arizona by all Mexicans.  Hopefully that will extend to the hundreds of illegals who cross our borders into the state every day.  Michelle Malkin has a great rundown of how the Mexican government treats illegals for a little perspective.

The mayor of many cities in the western US are also boycotting the state.  San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom was one of the first to say state employees should cancel all functions planned for Arizona.  Good idea, Gavin - maybe you should be visiting California cities for your little junkets.  God knows the state needs the revenue, and the taxpayers would will also see less of their money spent on travel expenses.  At this point, I find it insane that during an economic crisis, our politicians are perfectly happy to punish fellow Americans for trying to protect themselves and their property.  It is a sad commentary that we are so amenable to inflicting harm on our own countrymen over an epidemic of illegals flooding over our borders.

The boycott idea is really catching on with the lefty bloggers.  Unfotunately, they are showing their ignorance on this subject as they have on soooooo many others.  Many in the blogisphere are demanding the boycott of AriZona Iced Tea, with one brainiac calling it "the drink of fascists".  As usual these doofuses didn't do any research - if they had, they would have realized that AriZona iced tea is brewed on Long Island, New York.  Good gracious, these people seriously need to get a clue.

I'm all for immigration in this country.  Millions of people emigrate to this country every year.  Legally.  That is the only requirement most Americans have - come here legally.  The left's attempts to smear anyone who opposes illegal immigration as being against any and all emigration to this country is, as usual, painting with a broad brush in order to forward their narrative.  It's not too much to ask that people come here legally.  All countries have immigration laws, and support of those laws in this country does not make one a racist hater of poor, innocent immigrants.

Which brings us to the most comical part of the coverage of this issue - the obvious bias of the media reports covering the protests in the state capital.  Protesters are attacking police, painting swasticas (in refried beans, no less) on buildings, and even calling for burning the city down.  And yet these protests are being portrayed as "mostly peaceful" by the press.  The same press who were calling the tea parties riotous mobs ready to explode.  Yeah, right.

No doubt this issue with remain in the news for a while yet, what with Texas considering similar legislation and three cities in Arizona considering fighting the law

The Obama administration are beside themselves in fury, initiating an investigation into the legality of the law.  Their fury is understandable, though, because the passage of this law highlights the fact that the feds have seriously dropped the ball on the issue, to the detriment of our own citizens.  It focuses attention on the fact that there are immigration laws on the books that are simply not being enforced due mostly to political considerations - namely trying to ingratiate themselves to a potential voting block.  The realization of how badly they have served the American people might come to be construed as an orchestrated effort to make the situation untenable in order to ensure Americans get behind some sort of amnesty to relieve the pressure.  The fact that the new law is as popular as it is on a national level must surely give them pause, but, considering how tone deaf they have been so far, expect them totry to ram through amnesty anyway.

After all, how much damage can creating 12 million new competitors in the job market do?  And there surely won't be any sort of flood of new illegals hoping to get amnesty as well.  That is just the talk of evil nay-sayers saying nay.

There is a distinct stench of desperation in the air on this one, so it definitely bears watching.  The democrats need to pass amnesty before the election because they desperately need the potential votes. 

As usual, their narrative trumps reality and the needs of their party trump the needs of the country.

UPDATE:  Does this count as a success?

UPDATE II:  Kris Kobach, author of the Arizona law in question, has written an op-ed in the New York Times in defense of the law.  It's a good read - very informative and debunks the left's talking points with facts.  It's hard to believe the NY Times actually printed it - I'm sure they'll be getting a few nasty phone calls and emails today from the Lord and Master.  Don't they know this goes against the carefully crafted and nurtured narrative that has been encouraged by the White House?

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