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I have mentioned many, many times how much I dislike my congressman, Alan Grayson.  I know that I am not alone in this feeling.  Every time I see that smug, smarmy face I cringe with embarassment, knowing he "represents" me.  I am in the midst of a bout with stomach flu and was not going to post for a few more days, but his latest antics have propelled me from my sickbed in protest.  

Mr. Grayson has yet again shown what little regard he has for basic American rights.  His first foray into squelching his fellow Americans first amendment rights was when he demanded Atty. General Eric Holder investigate, fine, and imprison a Clermont, FL woman for starting an anti-Grayson website.   Now he is demanding the investigation and possible revocation of a Mount Dora urologist's license.  Way to go, chump - after all, it's not like we're smack in the middle of a doctor shortage already.

Grayson claims that Dr. Cassell is in violation of his hippocratic oath.  This from a man who stomps all over the Constitution, which he made an oath to, on a daily basis.  Dr. Cassell is not in violation of his oath, because, contrary to Mr. Grayson's allegations, he has not turned down a single patient due to their political views:

"I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical," Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it."

 That is his choice, as he is a free man in a free country.  A concept that seems alien to Mr. Grayson.

As usual with the left these days, when there is no rational argument for their ridiculous agenda and demands, they turn to the race card for vindication.  Grayson is saying that Dr. Cassell's motivation for his anti-Obamacare notice is all about racism.  Mr. Grayson's attempt to make this a race issue shows that he has no leg to stand on, and thus must resort to bomb throwing.  Even Anderson Cooper wasn't buying what Grayson was selling:

REP. ALAN GRAYSON: ...What he's doing is no different from saying, "I will not treat a black person. I will not treat a Catholic."
I thought that we, as a country, has moved beyond that.

COOPER: But wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I mean, I'm not taking a side. I'm not taking anybody's side in this, but, just for accuracy's sake, he has said nothing about race. And race is a protected category. I mean, there are -- it is illegal to discriminate someone based on race. It is not illegal to say you don't want to treat somebody because you don't like their politics. Politics is not a protected class.

GRAYSON: Well, in fact, where he lives, in Mount Dora, which is in my district, many, many of the Democrats who live in Mount Dora happen to be African-Americans.So, by saying that he will not treat somebody who supported Obama, he's saying that he's not going to treat a large number of African-Americans in the community.
COOPER: Wait. So, you're saying race is at the core of this? Come on. There is no evidence of that at all.

First of all, Grayson is alluding that only blacks voted for Obama, and yet he won with 52% of the vote - the numbers just don't add up, Teacups.  He also alludes that blacks only voted for Obama, although there are those who would disagree with that idea.   His entire statement is just classic race baiting at it's worst.  Now, merely because there is a black presence in an area, any opposition to Grayson and the democrat's agenda can be called racist?  That is a mightly dangerous game he is playing at.  So, just how many of Mount Dora's residents are black, anyway?  Well, having spent a few pleasant Saturdays there, I can assure you, Compton it ain't.  To be more specific, the breakdown is this (via ePodunk):

White -7,277   77.3% 
Black or African American - 1,806    19.2%
American Indian and Alaska native 16     0.2%
Asian - 65    0.7%
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander - 5    0.1%
Some other race - 140    1.5%
Two or more races - 109     1.2%
Hispanic or Latino - 628    6.7%

According to WebMD, there are 28 urologists within a 25 mile radius of Mount Dora.  If a patient of Dr. Cassell's doesn't approve of his notice, they have 27 other urologists in the area to choose from, and Dr. Cassell is merely making them aware of his views so they are free to choose someone they agree with (if they can).  

Back in 2001, I was in the dentist chair and was treated to my dentist's opinion of Clinton and the right's "witch hunt" over the Lewinsky affair.  His opinion was that those crazy conservatives went overboard with the impeachment trials just because he was cheating on his wife.  My mouth was full of hands and drills, or else I would have reminded him that Clinton was impeached because he perjured himself in front of a grand jury, not because he cheated on his wife.  For normal peons like you and me, perjury would be a felony offense punishable with jail time.  Clinton was found to be guilty of perjury, not infidelity - a fine line that apparently the left is incapable of understanding.  Did I report my dentist for offensive political views?  No.  I found another dentist.  The  only thing worse than having your teeth drilled is having them drilled by a Clinton apologist who deifies the man as he drills.  It's a bit ironic, really - being drilled by a guy who worships a guy who loves to drill people....

But I digress. 

Honestly, I shouldn't even give Grayson a forum, but at some point, you just have to call BS on people.  One could argue that just about everything out of Grayson's mouth is BS, but this latest attack was particularly aggregious.  Even Anderson "Teabagger" Cooper couldn't get behind it.  No doubt Olbermann will be celebrating him as a great American - as if that really matters.
Hopefully more doctors will follow suit and state their displeasure with the government takeover of health care.  For those lefties who argue that the AMA endorsed Obamacare, please note that the AMA only represents less than 20% of American doctors.  The fact that 46% of doctors polled would consider quitting their practices says quite a lot - perhaps some of them should stand with their brother physician and state their displeasure more firmly.  Doctors, for the most part, have been a silent group in the health care "debate". 
Dr. Cassell could remain silent no longer, and I, for one, applaud him for his bravery.  Let's not forget - not only is he a doctor, he's also a small businessman who needs to protect his own interests and those of his employees.  The health care "reform" is going to cripple his business and potentially do far more harm to his patients than a notice on his door might do.  The bottom line is, if he offends a few people, so be it, it's his right.

UPDATE:  Good gracious, the man is an ass.  It seems to me the pressure is getting to him.  There are a dozen possible contenders for his job, and people now know that he is a far-left liberal "representing" a conservative district.  He is accusing the republicans at the Perkins meeting of "spying" on an Organizing for America meeting.  One wonders when he is going to start accusing squirrels of inflitrating the ranks....November just can't come soon enough.

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