Monday, June 21, 2010


The democrat party seems to be hitting the skids.  They are in deep denial over their prospects in November.  They have plans to run on the passage of Obamacare - a program that is becoming more and more unpopular as time goes by.  Their other option is to have their candidates run against George W. Bush.  Again.  But, then, what else have they got?  StimulusOil spillForeign relations?  Yeah... better stick with Bush. 

There has been a great deal of turmoil on the campaign trail, too.  They have been unsuccessful in the primaries in more ways than one. The biggest puzzle is Senate candidate Alvin Greene.  The question shouldn't be how did Alvin Greene get the nomination, the question should be how bad was his primary opponent that Greene managed to win without running any campaign whatsoever?  His opponent spent lots of money on a high profile campaign complete with web site and the full backing of the DNC.  Even with all of that, Greene won with 59% of the vote.  And I thought Republican candidates were bad.

Now they have another headache in Texas with their new 22nd congressional district primary winner, Kesha Rogers.  She is a LaRouchie - a follower of Lyndon LaRouche.  These are the decidedly left-wing nutballs that are on the fringes of the Tea Parties, carrying those Obama as Hitler posters.  In fact (and this is my favorite part of the story),  there is photographic evidence that Ms. Rogers supports that meme.  Why is this my favorite part?  Because this will finally debunk the left's narrative that it is right-wing Tea Partyers that are carrying those darned Obama as Hitler posters.  Unless, of course, they manage to sell the theory that she, too, is a GOP plant

So how bizarre is this win?  Well, if it's any indication, Ms. Rogers is looking to impeach Mr. Obama if she wins in November.  That's right, the democrat nominee for Texas' 22nd CD wants to impeach Obama.  Although, considering it is Texas, she might just win on that platform....Crazy?  Or crazy like a fox?

It seems that the moderate faction is beginning to rebel against the liberal/progressive leadership who have taken over the party in recent years.  In the meantime, the radical far-left faction is rebelling against the administration for not getting radical enough

It's amazing that this was a group that, just two short years ago, managed to unite not just the entire democrat spectrum but many independents and even a good amount of conservatives under their banner.  Not even two years later, everyone is at everyone else's throats, and it seems that the only thing they all have in common anymore is how quickly they are trying to distance themselves from each other.

Considering their gleeful pronouncements that the 2008 election signified the demise of the conservative movement in this country, the irony is rich and deep.  Or perhaps the term 'karma' would be more apt.

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