Monday, June 21, 2010


How bad has the opinon of the White House's response to the oil spill become?  Bad enough that their media schills are blatantly admitting coordination with the administration on talking points in a desperate move to deflect blame and repair public opinion:

The only thing surprising about this is the willingness of a journalist to admit the collusion between herself and the White House.  If Mika has such an issue with Rudy Giuliani "spewing out a whole bunch of nothing", she should have had the show book a democrat to refute the allegations, not taken it upon herself to coordinate a response with the White House.  Mika must have missed journalism 101 in college.  Not to mention if we have learned anything from the past 63 days, it's that coordinating with the White House won't get you very far.  Just ask Governor Jindal.

Ever the eternal optimist, I always try to find the silver lining, and this is no exception.  What is the silver lining on this?  Finally a kernel of truth from the neo-pravda media.  It's a freakin' miracle!

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