Thursday, May 20, 2010


Megyn Kelly went on the O'Reilly Factor tonight to discuss the Arizona immigration law.  She not only read the law in question, SB 1070, she also read the federal immigration law as well as a few supreme court cases pertaining to the federal law. 

This isn't good news for the 24% who oppose the law, because she found that the Arizona law is much like the federal law, with the exception that it is even more strict as far as what the police can and cannot do than the federal statute.

ooops.  There goes that narrative!

No doubt her findings will get no press coverage whatsoever.  Even though 71% of Arizonans approve of the legislation, 55% of Americans would like to see their states adopt similar legislation, and Arizona governor Jan Brewer has enjoyed a 19 point jump in her poll numbers since last month, according to Rasmussen.  Check out Pew's polling numbers on the issue. 

Thankfully, our esteemed Congress didn't embarrass themselves in their ignorance.  Oh, wait

No doubt their cheering on a foreign head of state as he attempts to dictate immigration policy to them is standard procedure.  Doubtless, too, they will take his recommendation to reinstate the assault weapons ban under advisement.  If we're really, really lucky, maybe he will tell us what to do about Cap and Trade and Iran as well.  Dare to dream.

Perhaps someone in this administration will grow a spine and recommend Calderon get control of his own country before attempting to impose his views on this one. Things obviously aren't going well down there if one-third of the country are so desperate to get out that they are willing to run the gauntlet of a desert, coyotes (both animal and human), and border patrols. Let's face it - if Mexico wasn't such a disaster, we wouldn't have such a huge problem on our borders.

The fact that Obama and the democrats supported this pompous ass and his insulting behavior is nothing short of disgraceful. 

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