Friday, May 28, 2010


When I first heard the news today that the White House has announced that former President Bill Clinton was the "high ranking White House official" who had approached Rep. Joe Sestak about taking another position in exchange for dropping out of the Specter primary, the comment that kept spinning in my head was "you sneaky b@$#@rds!"

Hours later, it's still what's running through my head. 

Forgive me for the Rahmbo-esque reaction, but, really - Clinton?  Come on!    It's like a soap opera with the dramatic, unexpected return of a former character who seems to stir up trouble wherever he goes.  Cue the cheesy organ music....

Clinton and Obama met yesterday to have lunch and get their stories straight.  While they were at it, they should have figured out why an unpaid advisory position in addition to regular congressional duties would be so appealing that Sestak would be willing to bypass a senate seat for it.  'Cause right now, it just doesn't add up, fellas.

The use of Bill Clinton as the fall guy is inspired, really, but ultimately a bad idea.  Did they figure Clinton would get around the 1939 Hatch Act (Sections 2  & 3) because he is no longer technicallly a paid federal employee?   How, exactly is Clinton a high ranking official in the White House anyway?  Wasn't that the phrase Sestak used on numerous occasions?  Or was he speaking in the past tense?  The problem is, Clinton was asked to intervene on behalf of Rahm Emanuel, so it still constitutes a bribe offered by the administration.  He's a great choice, though, because you have your fall guy, but no one needs to get fired or resign. 

It's very revealing that Rahm Emanuel is so important to the Obama administration that they are willing to throw a former president under the bus for him, isn't it?

Above and beyond all of that, why has it taken over three months to get this story out?  If it's so innocent and above board, why all the evasion?  Ten weeks of stonewalling for something that they are desperately trying to spin as unimportant just

The fact is, today the White House and Sestak confirmed a bribe was offered.  Even if it really was an unpaid advisory board position, that is still a powerful position and that means the offer had value.   

It's funny.  The one era in modern politics that hasn't been glossed over or altered has been the Watergate affair.  This is a period in our history that the left is very familiar with and loves to rehash.  You'd think they might have learned something from it - like that the coverup is sometimes worse than the crime.  Ring any bells? 

And quite frankly, if anyone in the world should know this, it's Bill Clinton.

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