Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last night was primary night for Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas.  The good news?  Benedict Arlen Specter has lost his primary.  The people of Pennsylvania have spoken, and they are saying "enough!".  Was it his switching parties (again) in an obvious attempt to save his career, or was it his numerous gaffes during the campaign that sank him?  Most likely a combination of things.  Quite frankly, he was the poster boy for term limits for this election cycle.  Buh-bye, Arlen!

The democrats are crowing over their victory in Rep. Murtha's district, of course.  The voters are sending Democrat Mark Critz to Washington to fill Murtha's seat.  While the democrat establishment is over the moon on this victory, it's really a mixed bag if you take a closer look.  The thing is, Critz ran against Pelosi, against Obama and against ObamaCare.  So, is that really a victory for the democrat machine? Although a democrat won, it was still a vote against the current establishment.  No doubt that will be ignored and it will be spun as a victory for the Democrats and Pelosi.

In Kentucky, Rep. Ron Paul's son Rand won his primary.  This is a victory for the Tea Party, who heavily backed him against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's pick, Trey Grayson.  No doubt the democrats will label this as more proof that the "radical fringe" is taking over the Republican party.  This from the party that is shedding moderates like Evan Bayh  and Bart Stupak without a second thought while forcing the remainder to toe Pelosi's party line.

Arkansas is a wash - Sen. Blanche Lincoln technically won the primary with 45% of the vote to her opponent's 43%, but a 50%+ majority is required, so there will be a runoff.

All in all, it was a bad day for the party in power.  Even when they won, it wasn't really a win.  Which means the spin will be aggressive and vehement this week.

But, then, what else is new - they have been sounding more and more shrill as the weeks pass.  Pretty soon they will reach a pitch that only dogs can hear.

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