Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dear Mr. Grayson,

     We the people of the 8th CD voted you out of office not because you only won in '08 by four percent   (you lost by 18 - you didn't even break 40%.  We're conservative, but we're not that conservative).  We voted you out of Congress because you ignored the will of the people and on top of that, every time you open your mouth, we cringe. Your style of hyper-partisan rhetoric drags the whole country down to the level of squabbling dogs.  You are a bomb throwing hack who doesn't deserve a national stage.  You embarassed yourself, you embarassed your constituents, you embarrassed your party and you embarrassed the country.  As soon as you open your mouth, the IQ level in the room drops 30 points.    When I think of a knuckle-dragging neanderthal out to gleefully bash heads, your face comes to mind. 

You may be a good lawyer, but you suck as a congressman.  Nothing that you did for your district or the country is worth having to deal with you on a frequent basis.  Considering you hail from a traditionally conservative district, gerrymandered or not, a thinking man would have thought about the electoral ramifications of vilifying and insulting conservatives on a consistent basis.   Performances like this certainly don't help:

Your righteous indignation at Mr. Bolling's saying that talking to you was like talking to a medicated person came off hollow, as you had repeatedly insulted the man and his audience right out of the gate.  You refused to answer his questions, you refuse to acknowledge that your own rhetoric sank your reelection campaign, and you refuse to act like a normal, civil human being.  One wonders why you even bothered to go on a Fox show in the first place, considering your obvious disdain for the network and it's many millions of viewers. 

You have rage issues, Mr. Grayson.  You see a majority of this country as the enemy.  That right there disqualifies you from politics, period.  No doubt you are a lovely person, provided the people around you agree with you completely.  But your base attacks, your ham-handed attempts at cleverness, and your smug, obnoxious attitude repels people - voters in particular.  You are what is wrong with politics today.  You happily go about demonizing whole groups of people because they disagree with your party.  You refuse to listen to them, you refuse to compromise, you refuse to even be civil. 

So please, Mr. Grayson, for the sake of your own dignity (if you even have any shreds of it left), please just go away.  I'd tell you it's what the voters want, but that doesn't seem to matter to you anyway, so why bother?  Just take the voters of the 8th CD's word for it - you're not cut out for politics.  Go work for MSNBC.  You'll fit right in.  And if you do, please be sure to move to New York.  We'll help you pack.

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