Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Washington Examiner has the key phrases for the Election Day Drinking Game.  Every time you hear one of these phrases from a pundit or talking head, take a drink of your favorite beverage (The Examiner has offered helpful suggestions for drink options):

1. "Anti-incumbent"
2. "Temper tantrum"
3. "Blind rage"
4. Blame Obama for "not getting the message out"
5. Voter racism
6. Mention McDonalds owner who told employees to vote Republican
7. "Secret money"
8. Drink for every block in which Christine O'Donnell is most mentioned candidate

Here's one I'd like to add - If a liberal pundit mentions the Harry Reid/Harrah's situation, you get a splash of cold water. 

Enjoy the coverage and don't drink and drive!

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