Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Barack Obama truly is the permanent candidate.

For a few months after the inauguration, he stayed busy glad-handing the DC social set and 'thanking' major supporters, with an occasional directive coming down to Congress from on high, but when the going got tough, Obama hit the trail.

Needless to say, things have really not gotten much better. In fact, the heat is turning up, with even supporters starting to criticize.

Predictably, our Candidate-in-Chief is off fundraising and campaigning. Now that the election cycle is really kicking in, I expect to see more campaign and fundraising events and less governance. After all, campaigning is what he does best, and he needs the affirmation of the adulation. All of the recent criticism must surely be wearing on him, and he seems to be diving into full blown campaign mode with relish.

After all, its not like there is more pressing business to attend to.

Well, except trying to destroy Fox News and cramming overpriced, under servicing health care 'reform' down our throats. At least the economy is great and Afghanistan is taken care of. Amazing how our president is backing away from the fight against the people who masterminded 9/11, and yet is jumping into the Fox News fray with fangs bared. So Presidential.

The Fox News attack actually makes sense, though, when put in the campaign context. Vilifying Fox creates a bad guy the nation can rally against. Obama used Bush to great effect during the 2008 campaign, even though he was running against McCain. Casting Fox as the villain of the 2009 campaign actually serves a few purposes.

First, we are distracted from the backdoor dealings on health care. Second, he rallies his base against big bad Fox. And third, he is able to give the 'Bush is the bad guy' meme a much needed rest. A word to the wise, though, oh Enlightened One - yes, the distraction part is working, and some of the (shrinking) base may be rallying, but people are tired of excuses and are looking for you to lead, so be careful of a multi-pronged backlash from a burned-out public tired of scapegoating and a press who might be irked at being called, yet again, the White House lapdog.

Forget the Fox war and endorse democrats not from the campaign trail, but from the Oval Office when you take a quick break from governing. You know, the thing you were elected to do? Heck, you could film the endorsements with your new White House news crew when you are out in the Rose Garden sneaking a smoke!

Time to get off the trail, Mr. President. Remember, you won.

Oh, and by the way, when you are out on the stump for whatever cause you are speechifying for that day, when you say 'cable news', we all know you mean Fox. Please stop underestimating our intelligence.

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