Thursday, October 29, 2009


As I was driving home from a friend's house tonight, I listened to Michael Savage's radio show. I've never listened to him before, so I don't know if the rant he was on was normal or unusual, but boy, was he going off on the Obama administration. During his discussion, he asked a few times "Don't they have children? Don't they know what they are saddling them with?"

I have your answer, Mr. Savage.

Yes, they do have children, and they are fully aware of what they are saddling the nation with, but they also know their children will not be suffering like the rest of us.

What Mr. Savage seems to be missing is that their children will be the next in line to the throne, as it were. Take Joe Biden, for instance - his son, Beau, is "absolutely" considering running for his father's old Senate seat, which is presently being kept warm for him. I'm sure he will win it, too - he has the money, connections, and name recognition. When Ted Kennedy died, there was talk of either his wife or his nephew being appointed to his seat. Let's not forget the Caroline Kennedy fiasco, too, since we're discussing the Kennedy dynasty, and the Roosevelts deserve a mention as well, not just for their link to each other, but for their remarkably politically populous family tree. But this practice isn't reserved to just democrats.

Throughout our history, there have been political dynasties now and again, starting with our second President, John Adams (Federalist),whose son, John Quincy Adams (Democratic-Republican), was our sixth President. In more recent times, of course, there are the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Daleys and countless others on national, state and local levels. We now have a deeply entrenched political class, and they make it very difficult to join the ranks. Just ask Sarah Palin.

Even though we have been developing a political aristocracy for many, many years in this country, it seems that, from about the 1960's onward, it has truly come to fruition. Perhaps this is because of the romantic allure of the Kennedy dynasty, or maybe it's due to a certain arrogance the we peons couldn't possibly manage to run a country as well as they. I vote the latter.

But, even if the children of our politicians decide politics are not for them, they are still a part of the new aristocracy, and will never find themselves subjected to the garbage their parents are forcing down our throats. Some of the massive, seemingly untraceable rivers of cash that are flowing out of Washington must surely be trickling into their coffers (let's not forget their favorite community organization is ACORN, a notorious money laundering outfit - and one that is not as cut off from funding as they let on), and their vast network of connections will ensure that whatever the money doesn't fix, the connections will.

What we keep forgetting is that these people already live in a different America. Sure, it seems to more and more closely resemble Europe in the 1700's (complete with Bubbles) than it does the America we grew up in. But make no mistake - when they talk about remaking America, it is not their America that is being remade. They will continue with their cocktail parties and trips to Martha's Vineyard; hobnobbing with celebrities and being oh so fabulous in their taxpayer funded Nirvana. Hardship for thee, but not for me....

So yes, Mr. Savage, they do have children and grandchildren, and no, they don't worry about the effect their socialist/communist agenda will have on them.

They have political immunity.

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