Monday, October 19, 2009


The lovely weather we here in Florida have been experiencing for the past couple of days has been just wonderful. Low 70's during the day, chilly enough for a jacket at night. I look forward to this weather not just because it is a rare opportunity to shut off the air conditioning (thus saving a few bucks on the power bill), but also because the cool weather is just so refreshing after summers featuring 90+ temps and 90%+ humidity.

It is extremely rare for such cool weather so early in the season, and there are cold weather records being broken all over the country, from Pennsylvania to Nebraska to California.

The record cold temps across the country has had no effect on cooling the ardor of the global warming alarmists, however.

Politicians in Europe and the US are still eagerly looking forward to the Global Climate Treaty talks in Copenhagen this December, and there is a general consensus that this time the US will sign on the dotted line.

Pressure must be brought to bear on our representatives to stop approval in the event this treaty goes to the Senate for consent. Our Constitution requires our Senate to consent to any foreign treaties with a two-thirds majority before being sent to the President for ratification. Once the President signs on, it's a done deal.

This treaty must not be implemented.

Lord Christopher Monckton, an outspoken critic of Al Gore and global warming, has been making a concerted effort over the past weeks to educate Americans on the pitfalls of the coming Copenhagen treaty. He has requested a debate with Gore on numerous occasions, but Gore refuses to engage - just like he refuses to take questions when he speaks, probably to avoid embarrassing situations like this. The questioner in the video clip is filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who's new movie, "Not Evil, Just Wrong" is a rebuttal to Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". The Hollywood/political elite refuse to allow the movie to be screened, but you can purchase it online at McAleer's website Check it out. I could go on for days about the erroneous 'facts' in Gore's movie, but I'll just link up to the findings of the British court McAleer was referencing in his chat with Gore.

Gore's touting of a scientific 'consensus' is just as false as his movie. Even the IPCC has defectors. The fact is, there is still room for debate, no matter what Mr. Gore says.

Which is why the upcoming Global Climate Treaty is so frightening.

This agreement isn't really about saving the planet. It's about redistribution of wealth and creating a global government. According to Lord Monckton, who has read the treaty, if we sign on, we will be ceding our sovereignty to a global government.

All for a theory that our own Senate acknowledges is unproven, although the House is still in deep denial. Why is our government going along with Gore and the Europeans? Simple.

Money and power.

This is the greatest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen, and it is our wealth that will be spread around. They have not proven that CO2 is causing global warming, and they cannot prove their schemes for 'carbon offsets' are effective in neutralizing CO2 'footprints' even if CO2 were the culprit for climate change, which is highly debatable. At least, it would be debatable, if someone would be willing to debate it. Al Gore's motives are easy to see - he founded the carbon offset company favored in the cap and trade legislation.

We must raise our voices to protest this treaty and ensure our government does not ratify it. This goes beyond taxation, although the tax issue is a weighty one. This comes down to our right to be a free nation.

This treaty is a major, irreversible step towards global governance.

Spread the word. Share the links.

Save our Republic and stop the insanity.

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