Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is just insane. Kevin Jennings, our 'Safe School' Czar, is apparently inspired by NAMBLA supporter and gay activist Harry Hay. For those not aware of what NAMBLA is, it is the North American Man Boy Love Association. This is a group that advocates for men having homosexual relationships with under aged boys. Harry Hay was a big proponent of "intergenerational relationships" - aka pedophilia - and was enthusiastic in his support of NAMBLA..


This Harry Hay booster is also the man who wrote the foreword for Queering Elementary Education, as well as authoring 4 books dealing with homosexuality and it's place in our schools. He also founded GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), who sponsored a lovely 'education' program for high school kids that taught deviant behavior.

Our 'Safe School Czar'.

Jennings has already admitted that he advised an under aged boy who was having a relationship with an older adult male who had picked him up in the restroom of a bus stop to use a condom. That's it. Use a condom. Jennings said he thought the kid was 15, but it turns out, according to the now adult victim, he was 16. There are those who will argue that the boy was technically of age, what's the big deal, but the point is Jennings thought he was under aged.

Because, after all, safe sex is the most important part of a confession of statutory rape.

As an educator, he was required to report victimization of a minor child to the proper authorities. Instead, he merely advised the victim to use protection, implicitly giving his approval of the act.

Is this really someone we want involved our school system?

If Jennings doesn't bow to pressure and step down, the administration should remove him from office. Bodily, if necessary.

This unapproved czar system has to stop. Contact your representatives and tell them to vote for the Czar Accountability and Reform Act of 2009.

Enough is enough.

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