Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It has really been a trip listening to the progressive spin coming out of Washington.  They just don't know what to do with themselves about the Scott Brown election.

It's not just that they have lost touch with the American people, it's that they seem to have lost touch with reality.  Robert Gibbs' performance on Sunday with Chris Wallace was jaw dropping.  At least, that's what happened to me when I heard this:

"More people voted to express their support for Barack Obama than to oppose him."

Whaaat???  Maybe Gibbsy got 'support' and 'oppose' confused.  Those opposites can be tricky......

Thankfully, Congressman Marion Berry has brought the peons the word from On High - his Supreme Oneness is not concerned about the upcoming elections.  After all, the difference between the 1994 election and the 2010 election, according to the Teleprompter Kid, is "me".  Cue the choir of angels (ugh - it sounds suspiciously like a drunken Janeane Garofalo karaokeing "Obama Girl"). 

It's a good thing the White House is a big place with high ceilings - Ego Boy needs the clearance.

Meanwhile, David Plouffe is urging immediate passage of ObamaCare, arguing that once it's passed and we find out what's in it, we will love it.  Tell you what, Mr. Plouffe - why don't you have your masters put the bills online like they promised so the people who are paying for this mess will know what bill of goods they are really being sold.  That way we can let you know if we like it before they vote for it.

It seems our esteemed Leader has been busy with a make-or-break speech at Graham Road Elementary, so his distraction is excusable.  BTW - what really bothers me about that picture is twofold:  first, does he really need the podium, complete with Presidential Seal, and teleprompters to address school kids?  And second, am I the  only one alarmed that he requires two teleprompters for 'spontaneous' questions from the press pool?

But I digress. 

It's all getting a bit bizzarre lately.  My initial euphoria over the events of last week and the potential demise of ObamaCare have receded into a wary edginess.  After a few sporadic statements of defeat, Obama seems to be rallying the troops to pass something (anything).  It's rather like a
 trapped animal - they seem resigned to their fate, but that is when they are their most dangerous and unpredictable, because they are desperate.

Make no mistake - the democrats are desperate.  And like many trapped animals, they are willing to chew off their own leg and potentially bleed to death to escape.  Unfortunately for us in this case, if they do chew their leg off, we will be the ones stuck trying to stem the bleeding with their nightmare health care bill.

The icing on the cake is the new, improved packaging they are wrapping Obama in.  After all, it's all about the presentation, now isn't it?  No need for substance with this party - perception is reality!  Let's see - a tax and spend progressive who is blatantly ignoring his constituency suddenly pivots to become Mr. Populist less than a week after a major loss.  Sure, that's believable. 

Rebrand, rename, realign!  It's a good thing they are rudderless and not anchored down with pesky morals and principles.  Boy, can they put a damper on overreaching, unpopular agendas!

It all seems to be falling apart, though.  Democrats are abandoning ship at a surprising clip.  Benedict Arlen is off in a corner banging his head against the wall groaning "act like a lady, act like a lady" while various factions tear each others throats out and Valerie Jarrett wanders aimlessly, fingers in her ears, babbling "I disagree with everything you just said".

And all the while, our intrepid Captain is at the stern of the Ship of State pointing at the sunset shouting "Damn the Tea Partiers, full speed ahead!"

Fear not, fellow sailor - the democrats won't sink the ship.  One of the terrorists they farmed out to Yemen or let off on a technicality in criminal court will blow us up long before the democrats do.

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