Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Scott Brown is the new Senator from Massachusetts!  Martha Coakley has conceded with 92% of precincts reporting a 52% - 47% win for Scott Brown. 

The impossible has happened.  The People's Seat once again belongs to the People. 

Let's just stop and savor the delicious irony of a Republican winning "Teddy Kennedy's seat" and (hopefully) killing Ted Kennedy's nightmare health care bill in one fell swoop. 


Juan Williams is predicting the democrats will put the pedal to the metal on health care and push it through in hopes of winning over the electorate on the bill's merits.  Stuart Varney is saying that will be suicidal.  I'm with Stuart.  Unfortunately, Juan may be right on the pedal to the metal part, because the leadership still thinks we are drooling idiots who just don't know what is good for us until it is shoved down our throats. 

The ball is now in the dems court.  Will they do the right thing and swear him in or will they try to stall and risk further damage by pushing that incredibly unpopular, steaming hot mess of a bill through?

The People have spoken - loudly, inarguably, and definitively.  Let's see if the Tonedeaf Trio hear it.

What's that I see through the dismal fog of wretched Progressive excess?  Could that be a tiny glimmer of the Shining City on the Hill?

Suddenly, there's hope....

UPDATE:  Here's a great clip from Jon Stewart to keep the good times rolling (Warning: content):

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