Monday, September 14, 2009


I was just going to add updates to my original ACORN story, but there is so much happening that I thought I should make a new post. In my earlier post, I talked about the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD ACORN offices that were the subject of two investigative journalists with hidden cameras.

Let's just say that corruption is rife at ACORN, and it's all funded by our tax dollars.

What was ACORN's response? Firing the on-camera workers and issuing a press release about each case being an isolated staffing problem. Isn't that what they keep saying about the fraudulent voter registrations? In 14 states, no less. According to them, those two incidents in D.C. and MD were aberrations, and did not, repeat NOT, mean it was a problem throughout the organization. Uh-huh.

Until today,that is, when Giles and O'Keefe released a tape of the Brooklyn, NY office. This one is unique because, not only are they advising her to lie about what she does and how to hide the fact that the under aged girls are being prostituted, but they are also counselling on how to launder the money so that the pimp/future congressman can fund his campaign.


From what I've been able to investigate, both money laundering and assisting illegals in entering the country are both violations of racketeering/RICO laws. One can only hope complicity in child prostitution will carry a felony charge as well, but these days, who knows!

So far, no DOJ investigation (I'm not holding my breath on Eric Holder stepping up voluntarily), but at least there's talk of cutting off the cash flow. That's a start. Taking away their Census gig was a major step, too.

Uh-Oh!! The Senate just voted to defund ACORN Housing 83-7!

More bad news! I just got word that ACORN is now being investigated by the Brooklyn District Attorney.

Oh my goodness! What a day! It sounds like more bad news for ACORN!

Andrew Breitbart, the creator of has just said that tomorrow's revelation about ACORN will be "devastating".

I can hardly wait!

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