Monday, September 28, 2009


There is news breaking on American Spectator that Patrick Gaspard, a top Obama White House aide, is also a longtime ACORN operative. The man who now holds the same powerful, influential title as Karl Rove was "chief organizer" Bertha Lewis' political director in New York, and, just to add a little extra zing to his resume, he was also executive VP for political and legislative affairs for SEIU 1199. He was also registered as a lobbyist for SEIU in 2007.

If this guy was in any deeper, he'd need a snorkel.

Democrat response to all things ACORN has been rather reminiscent of cockroaches when the lights are turned on, even going so far as voting in enormous numbers to illustrate their distance. I have an issue with the House vote, however. They attached it to a bill with a few quite questionable 'poison pills'. As usual, Pelosi is taking advantage of a hot issue and passing unpopular stuff on it's coattails. Heaven forbid we have that 'dialogue' they prize so dearly.

The fact that there were some - especially in the Senate, where there was no poison pill - who voted to keep funding ACORN should raise some eyebrows. How many democrats used ACORN to 'get out the vote'? How many of them voted against defunding? Any name that comes up for both questions should be investigated for closer ties.

This organization is deeply vested in the political landscape, and there are many politicians who are deeply involved in the funding and furthering of ACORN's agenda as well. Due to the high level of corruption investigations must be undertaken.

The big question is: How high does it go?

By now, many people know that, back in 1995, Barack Obama represented ACORN in court, trained staff over a 10 year period from 1993-2003, headed Project Vote in 1992, etc, etc, etc. If you are not familiar with his ACORN history, check out this great article by World Net Daily.

His ties are deep, but during the campaign he started to distance himself from the organization, even though he paid them $832,000 to 'get out the vote'.

ACORN is deeply involved in this administration, and this new revelation of Patrick Gaspard's high level appointment shows how deeply Obama is still involved with ACORN.

Isn't it amazing that Watergate, a case of wire-tapping and spying on political opponents, would have such deep repercussions, and yet ACORN's ties to Obama and it's long, long list of corruption, embezzlement, voter fraud and money laundering is something the administration expects to shrug off?

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