Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Director Roman Polanski has finally, finally been arrested and faces extradition. I have no idea why, after 31 years of living anything but under the radar, the authorities decided to arrest him, but they have my support.

Hollywood and the European film circles are beside themselves with indignation. How dare they arrest such a talented man? As Whoopie Goldberg said, it's not like it was "rape-rape". The thing is, that's exactly what it was - rape-rape - two seperate acts - conventional rape and then sodomy.

Whoopie, the producer in her ear, and Hollywood in general are all wrong. The Quualudes and champagne were administered before the rapes, he knew she was underage, and he fled after he pled guilty to a reduced charge of statutory rape but before he was sentenced. Please note how this is contrary to Whoopie's wild allegation that he served his time, got out, and, for some reason a rogue judge was going to put him away again for 100 years.

Or something.

Oh, and Melissa Gilbert wondering where the mom was doesn't fly, either - here they are saying Polanski is innocent when, in fact he is guilty as sin, and yet on the other hand they are trying to blame the mother for not expecting that the same innocent Polanski would rape and sodomize her daughter. What?!?

The fact is, he did the crime, pled guilty, made a bargain, agreed to a settlement, and then fled before doing the time.

He's not coming back to be put on trial, he's coming back to face his sentence.

Hollywood, in their infinite wisdom, once again are revising history. Apparently, a movie like Rosemary's Baby is more valuable than a child's innocence. And Hollywood is okay with that. Heck, some even try to paint Polanski as the victim!

What's worse is that the glitterati are now signing a petition in hopes it will bring the authorities to their senses with the sheer star power of it all. So far, it seems to be backfiring.

Yet again the artistic class tries to make themselves more valuable and above the law than the rest of us. I'd really love to see a boycott of all the signers of that petition. Just because he has managed to evade capture for 31 years doesn't mean he is somehow magically excused from paying for his crime. In fact, for 'mere mortals' like the rest of us, such behavior would mean having to do even more time.

Just a suggestion for Hollywood - you people are so famous for your empathy and sympathy, so why don't you try putting yourself in the shoes of that young girl; drugged, raped, and sodomized by someone she thought she could trust, who she thought was there to help her, not hurt, violate and degrade her. Picture your own daughter or granddaughter in that situation - would you still side with the criminal who did it?

Making movies does not make up for raping a child. Period.

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