Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, all those warm fuzzies I had from Mr. Obama's shrewd playing of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are going...going...gone.

Our Marshmallow-in-Chief is showing his squishy side again, but this time our fine men and women in uniform will pay the price. He has 'back burnered' a troop request, stating that:

""You don't make determinations about resources, and certainly you don't make determinations about sending young men and women into battle without having absolute clarity about what the strategy is going to be." "

So let me get this straight: he's been in office for nine months, increased troop levels by more than 17,000 back in February, launched a new offensive and replaced generals on the ground, but still doesn't have a plan yet?!


Maybe he is unaware of the unprecedented level of casualties our troops have been suffering. Perhaps he thinks that leaving them in the field, under funded, under manned, and under estimated is a viable option while he flits from city to city speechifying about everything from health care to inspiring our youth to a nuclear-free utopia, not to mention his whirlwind Sunday chatfest marathon of saying the exact same thing five different ways.

There's no rush, after all.

Did you know that as soon as he decides to increase levels, all our Anointed One has to do is snap his oh so nimble fingers and - voila! - the troops are in the field and ready to go. No recruiting, training, transporting or staging required! It's not like a request made now wouldn't be delivered until, say, January or February.

No rush, though, no rush.

It's obvious you have weightier issues on your mind.

Take your time. It's not like lives depend on your decision....

Choose your position, sir, and stand by it. If you choose withdrawal, do it quickly, so no more lives are lost.

But if victory is your goal, then man them, fully fund them, and let the generals do their jobs. McChrystal knows that it's not just about winning battles - it's about winning the hearts and minds of the civilians, showing them what freedom can bring. Talk to your generals.

We are America - if we set our minds to winning, we will win.

Of all the enemies that deserved to be beaten, the Taliban is second only to the Third Reich.

How did we beat the Reich? Determination, sacrifice, support and the deep-seated belief that we were doing what was right and good. We were not left or right, we were Americans. We did not start the fight, but we sure did finish it, didn't we?

We can do it again. Just give us the chance.

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