Friday, September 11, 2009


It seems ACORN has branched out more than first thought. It turns out they also do tax 'consultation'; dispensing advice, it seems, on how to defraud the government via tax evasion. My first thought on this - um, aren't they funded by tax dollars? Seems a little self-defeating, but whatever.

The real story isn't the evasion advice, illegal though it may be; it's the bland acceptance, not to mention complicity, of the outrageous story they were told that is the real outrage. The first tapes to be released were from the Baltimore, MD ACORN office.

These two investigative journalists (a term you don't hear too often these days) posed as a hooker and her pimp, trying to buy a house in order to bring over underaged girls from El Salvador to force them into prostitution. They needed a tax return in order to apply for a home loan, and were given advice on what code to use when filing. Voila! Our intrepid prostitute became a 'performing artist'.

She was also given a nice little pep talk about not getting down on herself about being a hooker. She should be proud of herself; after all, it's not like she's breaking the law or anything!

But that's not the kicker. Not by a long shot. The whole point of this investigation was to see how far they could push it. So push it they did. The cherry on this treat? They told the ACORN reps that they were going to use the money from the underaged sex slaves to fund the pimp boyfriend's political asperations! Seems a little far-fetched, doesn't it? Apparently not to those worldly nuts at ACORN.

The reation to this expose in the MSM has been predictable - they refuse to show the hidden camera footage, but that hasn't stopped them from bombarding James O'Keefe, the 'pimp' in our tale with requests for an interview. This after questioning his ethics! I wonder what Bob Woodward thinks of this line of attack.

ACORN, of course, protests their innocence, going so far as to fire the two women in the video. Rogue employees, you know. They seem to have an epidemic of them. They insisted that it was a one-off, isolated to that particular office. And, of course, they pulled out their favorite, tired old worn out fall-back position.

Interestingly enough, the next day, a second video surfaces (okay, O'Keefe, knowing this was coming - he's read Rules for Radicals - posted it on, but this time it is a completely different office, this time in Washington D.C.. The advice in this second tape was even more detailed, not just on how to evade taxes and buy a house to use as a brothel for underaged illegals, but also on ensuring our favorite Pimp Daddy's congressional dreams.

These ACORN workers, too, were fired. The MSM was still trying to make excuses, but then, this afternoon, the other shoe dropped. And dropped. And dropped. Must be a centipede in the middle of that rotten acorn. Lots of shoes.

Things have been ratcheted up a notch, now, though. It seems they are calling in their political muscle. This is insane. How many hidden camera t.v. news exposes have we seen over the years? I don't recall any reporters going to jail for those reports. Apparently its not illegal when you are going after the big bad bill collector, but when it comes to recording conversations about advice from taxpayer funded organizations on the best way to cheat the IRS, illegally obtain a house, illegally import underaged girls to be used in the sex trade in said house AND claim them as dependents, not to mention fund a congressional campaign with the proceeds of the venture, well, obviously the illegal recording is far more important an issue of investigation.

I think there is a lot more to come with this. Pass the pop-corn and stay tuned!

UPDATE: HotAirPundit has uncovered the City State Attorney who is considering charges against O'Keefe and Giles. The shocker isn't who she supported in last year's election, it's the other cause she has supported for the past 14 years! Make sure you read all the way down - turns out there was an award-winning hidden camera t.v. investigation in 2000. Not a peep about the illegalities of using hidden cameras on that one!

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