Monday, September 21, 2009


From, Steven Crowder takes a trip to U.C. Berkeley.

A.K.A. Entry #1 on my list of colleges my children will not be going to.

My personal favorite idiot? The one who thinks our Founding Fathers overreacted.

I'm not surprised they didn't know Lincoln was a Republican. I would imagine that it just doesn't compute - how can their favorite president be a republican? Well, except that one girl who was trying to say it was a different Republican party. Hmmmm. Really? I guess that's how she rationalizes that the modern Democrat party is a different one from the one whose members, after they lost the civil war would, on occasion, dress in hoods and 'raise a little hell'. Sounds like Advanced Polar Reversal Theory of Political Ideology, maybe.

She must have just come from Revisionist History 101.

Oh, and Benjamin Franklin is my favorite Founding Father - and my favorite dollar bill - hey, maybe she thinks he is a (dead) president because he's on the money....

I fear for the future.

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