Monday, August 17, 2009


I read this article in today:

This is just too much. Yes, the Second Amendment provides for Americans rights to bear arms. However, as in most things, discretion is required. I am a gun enthusiast, and I understand people's fears of having their second amendment rights taken away from them. But behavior like this takes us all one step closer to that happening.

No matter how much of an enthusiast you are, show a little common sense. You simply DO NOT take a gun to a presidential event. Especially when said event is a volatile town hall meeting. Emotions are running high, and tempers flare at the drop of a hat. To bring firearms into the mix is a terrible decision.

Our Secret Service members have a tough enough job to do without this kind of behavior, first of all. You potentially risk your life and those around you with this irresponsible action. Like him or not, you must realize that the Secret Service is already on high alert due to the tensions of the people assembled as well as the numerous death threats already made against Obama, and if tempers between the pro- and anti- protesters were to flare, events could potentially unfold that would be devastating to all.

Second, but just as important, HOW DOES THIS HELP THE PROTESTERS? They are already facing an uphill battle for legitimacy; all this does is drag the cause down. I am cringing at the thought of the coverage this will be getting over the next week in the MSM. They already call the protesters unhinged mobs - how does this change that perception?

Come on, people! Use your heads! If they try to legislate away our second amendment rights, THEN you bring your gun to a rally. Not for health care!! How do guns forward the health care agenda? Get a grip! I don't care if it's allowed in Arizona, I don't care if you hate Obama, his agenda or the health care legislation, there is simply no excuse for such behavior, and I hope to God this is the last we see of it.

We're better than this. You only serve the left agenda and reinforce their 'angry mob' argument.

Take a breath, get a grip, and THINK for a minute!

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