Monday, August 10, 2009


The media has been full of stories over the past few weeks of unruly mobs rudely shouting down their government officials. These supposed roaming hordes of terrorists, flowing like an AstroTurf river across the country, are being painted as evil, vicious, racist, paid mercenaries, out to stifle debate, uninterested in the facts. Hmmm...


Come on - we've all seen the videos of these people. They aren't a mob, they are We the People -- concerned mothers, fathers, grandparents, doctors, nurses, small business owners. Yes, they're angry - really, really, really angry. Yes, they are shouting down their Representatives and being, well, downright rude sometimes. Yes, they are 'getting in their faces', as our esteemed President urged his own supporters to do. Let us remember, though, that they were peaceful up until the DNC mobilized it's ranks of paid opposition. Now there are beatings and arrests overshadowing the issue. Thanks, SEIU!

I have a novel request for those in government - our oh so empathetic, hyper educated nannies, who are so baffled by such temper tantrums from the normally silent masses.

Let's take a step back from the ledge for a moment and try to assess how we've gotten to where we are.

The journey to rabblehood began in Sept. 2008 with the passing of TARP. There was a lot of alarm over the speed of the legislation, not to mention the price tag. Hmmm, the People mused, maybe there should be more oversight....

No! No! No! Crisis, crisis, crisis! Big Government cried.

Oh, well, since you put it that way... but, first, let's just put in a few regulations...

Collapse, mayhem, emergency!! Hold your nose, the medicine's going down whether you like it or not - we can make rules later! Crisis, crisis, crisis!!!

Then came the beast that was Porkulus. We should all get a big kiss from Big Government for being forced to bend over for that one.

Cirisis, Crisis, Crisis, Big government hollered - jobs, jobs, that wonderful three letter word! Millions employed, both created and saved! Shovel ready, shovel ready, rah, rah, rah!

Who will pay for it? the People cried, aghast at the cost. It seems to be kinda earmarked-up, too, are you sure this is going to be targeted enough? And, um, how, exactly, do you calculate jobs saved? And what's this about most of the funds not going out until 2010? If this is a crisis, shouldn't the money be available immediately? What oversight is there?

Joe, Joe, he's our man, if he can't do it...well, trust us, NO ONE messes with Joe!

Yeah, but what about...

Did we mention this is a crisis?!

Yeah, but...

Why are you asking so many questions? Just put down those signs, you radicals! How dare you question our plans? Who do you think you are?! Are you...are you protesting? How quaint!

Have you read the bill? We'd like to see it before you vote on it, please, like you promised....We don't think you should--

No need to read it, no need to release it to the general public for debate. It's far too complicated for you peons to understand, anyway. And besides, trust us! We're just thinking of you, after all, trying our level best to preserve this wonderful (yet deeply flawed) country. By the way, we have a new budget for 2010.

WHOA!! $3.6 TRILLION? We're a little nauseous, give us a minute...

Don't worry, it's passed. Trust us, this is totally necessary. Did we mention we are in a crisis? While we're at it, we have a little Omnibus Spending bill we need to take care of.


Well, if you don't want this to pass, you are obviously out to destroy this country. Hey, what are you doing over there? You're having a Tea Party? That's stupid of you. We're just going to sit here and make fun of you with our buddies in the MSM. I hear there's this weird teabag thing...gross but funny - just ask Maddow, Matthews and Cooper - hilarious!! Did we mention we think you're stupid? Speaking of stupid, we have this fantastic plan to bail out the car companies! Crisis, crisis, crisis - too big to fail! Too big to fail!!

But, wait, where will the money come from? Can we afford--


TARP?! But isn't that to rescue banks?

Oh, shut up and let us do our thing! Done and done! See, that wasn't so bad, was it? It's not like we wanted to do it, of course - it HAD to be done! Speaking of something having to be done, we've cooked up this great scheme -er, bill, for something called Cap and Trade. It's fabulous, trust us. Green jobs everywhere, just like in Spain!

Um, didn't Spain warn us to not use their model because for every 'green job' created, there are 2 regular jobs lost?? We're not even sure we believe in man-made global warming. There seems to be a lot of science that disproves the theory. And besides, can we afford this--

Crisis, crisis, crisis!! We're all going to burn in the fiery inferno that the Earth will become in the next decade! Panic, death, destruction! Stop questioning our authority! You must just really hate this planet, you heretic.

No, no, we love the planet, but maybe we could wait....

No! Now! It is our moral imperative!

To what, ruin our economy?

Peons, you know nothing. Which is why you're going to love our new healthcare reform.

Really, we need to wait on this. This plan looks huge and expensive. Maybe if we wait until the economy gets back on tr--

No, NOW! Don't you know, it's a --

Wait, wait, let us guess -- it's a crisis. Yawn.

Yes, yes, you're finally getting it! It's a crisis! So let's just pass this baby before we even have a specific bill....

WHAT?! Hell no!!! We don't want this - look at the polls!

Polls, schmolls. You just don't know what's good for you.

HOLD IT!! ENOUGH!!! Are you going to listen to what we want, as our duly elected officials? This bill is really scary! Look at all of this stuff in here! And the COST!! How can it be free if it costs so much! And what is this about 'End of life counselling'? Are you really going to pay doctors to suggest said counselling? And taxpayer paid abortions? Single payer? Hey, why do you need access to our bank accounts? Take your fingers out of your ears and--

Lalalalalala, we can't hear you! You don't support the plan? Let us regurgitate our tired old talking points for you, because you obviously aren't getting it, you morons. Well, you surely must be racist, then. Hey, what are you doing? What - hey, get out of my face! Are you...are you questioning me? How dare you! Don't you know that this sort of radical dissent is unAmerican? You people are terrorists! How dare you demand that we listen to you! Who do you think you are? Who's paying you?! AstroTurfers!! The nerve of some people!! MSM! Here boy, good doggie! Now sic 'em! What? Youtube? You're using OUR internet against us?! SEIU -- you're up! If reason and disinformation won't work, muscle usually will. They'll show you how it's done, you obnoxious, crazy, radical, unAmerican terrorists!

And that brings us to where we are today.

So which is the truth - that the People are going off half cocked, angry for no reason whatseover? Or is it more honest to say that the People have asked to be heard over and over again, and instead have been ridiculed, threatened, talked down to and demeaned? Eventually, even the most even-tempered, calm, rational person will rise up and demand to be heard.

Calling them 'UnAmerican' is simply pouring fuel on the fire. Peaceful dissent is uniquely American. And opposition to the Administration's plans is NOT racist. Legislation has no race. The tattered old racism card is played out. Drop it.

The American people have the right to speak out, both for AND against. Stop doubting their authenticity - just because you have to pay your protesters doesn't mean that all who raise their voices are cashing a check to do so.

You were elected to do the bidding of the majority of your constituents, not marginalize and insult them.

Be careful what you sow, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, et al. You may just end up reaping the whirlwind in 2010 and 2012.

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