Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This comes from MSNBC's Morning Joe:


I'm sure Obama will be putting A LOT of distance between himself and this, well, Weiner.

I just love when the host starts talking about how Rep. Weiner (D-NY) is supporting the protester's arguments - he seems so offended that those 'crazies' have just been proven right!

BTW, he keeps asking what insurance brings to the table for their billions in profits. Any idiot knows the whole point of insurance is to insure one from catastrophic illness by paying small amounts each month. They bring to the table...insurance.

The reason Medicare has a 4% overhead, as Mr. Weiner states, is because they don't need to advertise or make big profits. Why is this? Because they are government run!!! Medicare doesn't compete with anyone, everyone knows what it is, and they don't need profits because if they have a budget shortfall, we the taxpayers will pick up the slack. Who cares if the system is a failure?

It's better than free market capitalism - if you're a friggin' SOCIALIST!!!

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