Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My first post on this blog was about why the ObamaCare protesters are so angry and shout their representatives down. I think that this perfectly illustrates the point:

If no one is listening to you, you tend to shout. Please note the lady asking the question remained polite and just kept trying to get her question heard.

(BTW - Did anyone else notice that Ms. Jackson-Lee was speaking into the top of her phone, the earpiece, not the bottom, the mouthpiece, where you're supposed to speak? She can't figure out how to use her phone properly, but we're supposed to believe that she can fix our healthcare system?!)

The democrats are demanding civility, and yet refuse to show any common courtesy.

This is another example of why people are so angry:

I don't know what's more offensive - her condescension and disdain or her threat to use her 'Mom voice'. Hey Claire, they may respond better if you actually listen to and answer their questions instead of just spewing the same tired old talking points. Stop hiding behind your podium, talking down to the peons. It's obvious you don't want to have to deal with them - do you think they don't pick up on that?

Stop talking AT your constituents and start talking TO them. Like Arlen Specter, you might just be surprised at how well informed they are.

BTW I was struck by how well his TH went, once he started to truly engage his audience. Yes, they were passionate, but they were also, for the most part, respectful, once he really started to listen to them. His tactic of walking to each speaker and making eye contact gives the impression of respect and interest in what they have to say. The crowd responded positively

They just want to be heard.

UPDATE: This might be another reason why people are angry:

Queen Pelosi put out the Nazi accusation, now the army of 'bot's are making sure she is proved right. Aren't they subtle? Good thing we are too stoopid to figure it out!

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