Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was going to add this as an update to the 'Hold the Phone' entry, but I think it truly deserves it's own post:

One simply has to wonder if he is so unconcerned about offending his constituents because he's hoping he will be replacing them with all of those illegal alien votes he is trying to make possible.

And then there's this:

Clermont, FL is just 20 minutes down the road. Lovely little place, I have friends and family who live there. It's interesting to see this popping up there. It's also interesting the outrage and disdain this is generating.

It makes the hypocrisy post because said outrage and disdain was completely missing when Vanity Fair ran a cover of Bush as the Joker last year: let me get this straight - when it's Bush, it's an apt portrayal, done in an edgy, timely fashion, and when it's Obama, it's flat out racism and 'mean, gruesome and evil', not to mention 'crude' and 'extreme'.

Apparently it's going too far when Dear Leader is painted with the same brush of criticism that Bush was subjected to.

No hypocrisy there!

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