Saturday, August 15, 2009


The 'Obama as Joker' poster has gotten a lot of press lately, and, when there was not a hue and cry against it, Obama's supporters turned to their old friend, the race card. If you don't see anything wrong with this poster, you are a racist. If you protest that you are not, you are a subconscious racist. Here's an exerpt:

""No, dude, it’s all about race. Racial anxiety and racism are social pathologies that adapt to changing conditions and evolve over time. Conservatives don’t burn crosses at their rallies - contemporary political theater and its language have moved on with the times. Still, I remember that even back in the days when cross burnings were in vogue — and when it seemed that civil rights workers were being killed every month in the Deep South — even then you would rarely find a segregationist proclaiming, on television at least, that he was a racist and believed blacks were inferior. Instead, the racist argument was usually couched in terms of “state’s rights,” “mutual benefits,” of how Negroes themselves didn’t want race-mixing, that they were basically good, hard-working people who were being duped by Communists…""

I have had it up to here with the racial accusations by democrats about republicans. It is ridiculous. I know that they have been busily rewriting history in their textbooks and college classes, but that doesn't change the truth. Here's the truth:

The DEMOCRAT party was the party of southern white slaveholders.

It was DEMOCRATS who started the KKK after the Civil War as a way to keep the black population under the boot.

It was DEMOCRATS who burned crosses and hung black men for such minor things as looking at a white woman and killed civil rights workers like Medgar Evers (Byron De La Beckwith, Evers' murderer, was a lifelong KKK member who later in life attempted a run for the democratic nomination to be Lt. Governor of Mississippi.)

It was DEMOCRATS who expanded and then fought to keep the Jim Crow laws.

It is DEMOCRATS who rely, to this day, on the politics of race to keep this country separated and fighting amongst itself.

The REPUBLICAN party was created in the 1850’s specifically to oppose slavery and the induction of pro-slavery states into the Union.

REPUBLICANS fought and died to free the slaves - it's called the Civil War.

REPUBLICANS supported civil rights and fought to get rid of Jim Crow laws.

REPUBLICANS include Matin Luther King Jr., Homer Plessy (who’s lawsuit, Plessy v. Ferguson, which he lost, ushered in the Jim Crow laws), Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells (founder of NAACP), Sojourner Truth, Jackie Robinson, James Meredith (civil rights leader), Alveda King, James L. Farmer Jr.(civil rights leader), Charles Evers (civil rights leader and brother of Medgar Evers), Eldridge Cleaver (civil rights leader), the list goes on.

Look them up. Please. Information is power.

Many black civil rights leaders were republicans, because they were fighting against democrats. While you're at it, you should also check out the early years of the Progressive (liberal) party. Quite an eye opener. Look into Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) and her belief in eugenics - she used to speak on the subject at KKK rallies. I will be writing more about her and the Progressive movement in the future.

They can try to project the crimes of the Democrats onto the Republicans, but history proves them wrong, time after time.

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