Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yet again the leader of the free world is prostrating himself. His 9 day whirlwind tour of Asia started with a bow to the Emperor of Japan. Not a little head tilt a la Bill Clinton, but a full-on, bent over double bow of subservience.

What an embarrassment.

As for it being a matter of protocol and respect for a head of state, perhaps Mr. Obama has forgotten that he, himself is a head of state (and a far more powerful one, at that), and, more importantly, an American President should NEVER bow to another ruler. That's why we fought a revolution in 1776. Hot Air Pundit has a great photo montage of how other heads of state have greeted the Emperor.

The White House tried to spin Obama's bow to Saudi King Abdullah a few months ago, saying he was picking something up off the floor. That lame attempt at spin was easily debunked by looking at the video of the bow.

Perhaps this time they will say that Obama was merely getting a closer look at the Emperor's snazzy new Ferragamos or something.

President Obama is showing himself to the world as a subservient beta male. Someone needs to clue him in that nobody likes a butt-kisser.

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