Sunday, November 1, 2009


Meet Patricia Sullivan.

I'm happy to announce she is our first candidate to run against Alan 'Teacups' Grayson. She is a stay at home mom who, like many women today, are concerned about the explosive growth of government and how it will impact the quality of life for her children.

She considers herself a patriot, not a politician.

She is an attractive, conservative white southern woman, so I'm sure the liberals will be out for blood.

Please check out her website and keep her in mind for November 2010.

Good luck, Patricia, and God bless you in the coming fight. Grayson has proven over and over that he has no class, no ethics and no sense of decorum, so it will most likely be a dirty fight.

But she's a conservative woman - she can handle it.

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  1. hell hath no fury as a conservative-minded patriotic woman scorned