Saturday, November 21, 2009


There have been some crazy goings on in California this week. UCLA students have been protesting a 32% hike on tuition. UC Davis students have joined in the fun, as have UC Berkely students. No surprise there. Also not surprising, there have been near riots, and about 100 people have been arrested.

According to, "Regents say they had to raise fees because the cash-strapped state government can't meet the university's funding needs."

My favorite quote, from economic student Sarah Bana to the school board: ""You are jeopardizing California's future." "

It's always painful to watch people get mugged by reality, but there is also an ironic humor to it as well. Raising tuition is what is jeopardizing CA's future, not all of the crippling social programs liberal putzes who graduated from CA universities have forced on the state.

A future Obama administration official in the making stated ""We are bailing out the banks, we are bailing out Wall Street. Where is the bailout for public education?" asked UCLA graduate student Sonja Diaz."

When in doubt, bail it out, right? Liberals must think the US government can just pull money out of thin air. Oh, wait....

Another young woman, Laura Zavala, said that, ""It's not fair to students, when they are already pinched.""

Welcome to the world of the American taxpayer under the Obama administration, honey.

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