Saturday, November 21, 2009


'Debate' is taking place on Capitol Hill as we speak on the HarryCari health 'reform' bill.

Mary Landrieu is the big winner this time around, with her $100 million 'Louisiana Purchase' payoff. Beltway insiders write this off to politics as usual, but for the rest of us who are going to have to fork up that $100 million (not to mention the $4.5 trillion for this piece of garbage bill), politics as usual just isn't cutting it.

Most moderate democrats are saying they will vote for debate because, really, what will it hurt? Debate is good, debate is what makes this country great.

The problem is, voting for debate opens this horrible bill up for a 51 vote approval, and 97% of bills that are voted into debate are passed.

At 2:30 pm, Sen. Lincoln has said that she will vote yes on proceeding with debate. That means Reid has his 60 votes.

God help us.

UPDATE: Well, they passed it and it is now on the floor for debate. This bill is a monstrosity on many levels, and hopefully the more moderate democrats will finally realize that and vote against it when it comes up for a final vote. I'm not holding my breath, though. After all, they are full of grandiose visions of making history, and God knows stroking their egos is more important than the welfare of the country. How in the world did Harry Reid manage to keep a straight face when he came out after the vote and said that the bill 'saves lives, saves Medicare and saves the American people money'. It must have been a joke.

Much like this bill.

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