Friday, November 13, 2009


I heard this audio for the first time yesterday on, and just had to blog about it, especially since ACORN just filed suit against the federal government to get their funding back.

According to David Lagstein, a CA ACORN spokesman, the 'investigation' into ACORN corruption is going to focus on the two independent film makers, Giles and O'Keefe, instead of on ACORN, and they will face punitive action, not ACORN. This audio was recorded on Oct. 15, but has just recently come to light.

This is absolutely despicable. Unfortunately, it is also not unexpected.

The fact that a DA is having conversations about prosecuting the case with one of the parties being investigated, is making pronouncements on the investigation before it is concluded (if it's even begun, which is up for debate) and has basically said the investigation itself is merely a politically expedient thing to do in an election year shows just how deep the corruption goes.

The Governator needs to set up an independent investigation into not just ACORN, but Jerry Brown's involvement and whitewashing of the original investigation.

The Obama administration has taken no steps whatsoever to investigate the nationwide ACORN corruption that was made apparent in those tapes.

The 'independent review' ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis crowed about a month ago has gone nowhere, to no one's surprise.

There are some in the GOP who are saying that ACORN is on the brink of bankruptcy, but, honestly, how many GOP-ers do you think have access to the inner workings of that democratic bastion of corruption and collusion? One can hope, of course, but I think this Hydra isn't beaten just yet.

The fact that they are now suing the government to reinstate their funding is about asCheck Spelling ballsy a maneuver as I've seen in a while. But, considering the attitude of government officials like Jerry Brown, I suppose they feel they have a pretty good shot at being re-funded.

That, too, would be despicable, but not unexpected.

After all, 2010 is an election year, and, let's face it, the democrats need all the help they can get.

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