Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The CBO came out with the preliminary numbers on Harry Reid's health care proposal - $849 billion. The liberals will be crowing about how it comes in under Obama's quote of $900 billion.

Yeah, 'cause that's a bargain.

The most glaring problem with this number? They neglect to mention the taxation starts 4 years before the program is implimented, which leads one to believe the successive decades will see massive deficits. Unless they are planning on having 4 years of every decade 'off" to recharge the account.

Considering the accounting tricks that have been unearthed in the House, I wouldn't put it past them at this point.

The second biggest problem with this bill and it's scoring is that information is constantly changing; the numbers are being massaged before our very eyes. The press has received their copies, but nothing is on line yet. God only knows what horrors reside in those 2,074 pages.

I'm sure I'll be blogging more on it in the days to come. The HarryCari horror story of the day?

The CBO is trying to be as accurate as possible, but that's pretty hard to do when information is being withheld or hidden. What, for example, happened to the 'doctor fix'? You know they've got to sneak that in somehow.

Also, how can something costing $846 billion save $127 billion over 10 years?


I feel like I'm in a Fellini movie.

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